Personality with essential oils

You probably know what kind of personality you have.

Now define your personality with essential oils.

It will open your eyes on what you actually enjoy.

Try to smell different types of essential oils to find out which oil or oils you really enjoy smelling.

The power of aromatherapy

It is an experience involving the subconscious and the conscious mind, physical, emotional and sensual planes.

It allows you to explore inwards just like you may explore the outer world.

Try smell different essential oils and note what you feel: emotions, desires, states of mind and body.

The response may be based on the parts of the plants that are used to distill the oil.

Oils from the roots are grounding.

Oils from the leaves open breathing.

Oils from resin are healing on both an emotional and physical level (and for the skin). Oils from the flowers are soothing for your mind and skin. Go figure!

Enjoy defining your personality with essential oils

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