Ravensara essential oil is a multi-action oil and like Thyme it is more effective in blends than when alone. Ravensara essential oil uses are completely safe and can be used for anybody, including children.

Most Ravensara essential oil uses relate to the strong anti-viral and immune-stimulant. Ravensara oil is particularly effective against flu-like virus infections, especially if used at the first sign of shivering. A few drops in the bath immediately before going to bed will often avert an attack of flu and if that is not possible, Ravensara used intensively (in massage, baths and inhalations) can often stop flu in one day.

Ravensara essential oil uses in all respiratory tract infections, such as sinusitis and catarrh (also earache when it has developed with nasal catarrh) and where the infection affects the chest, as in bronchitis, whooping cough, the fact that Ravensara is a good expectorant is useful.  It is more so useful in blends with oils like Pine and Thyme.

The strong anti-viral action and the fact that Ravensara is safe on the skin, make it a good oil for cold sores, shingles and genital herpes. It is helpful to blend Ravensara with Lavender and Chamomile to help the pain.

Ravensara oil is a muscle relaxant and analgesic, good for joint pains and muscular tension, especially when this is linked to anxiety. It is both mentally and physically stimulating, and could be a good oil to help people who are overtired, or depressed and lethargic.

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