Restorative essential oils

Essential oils can assist in supporting our bodies’ wellbeing. Here are some safe recipes for you to practice at home. 

Boost circulation and prevent heart disease with juniper berry essential oil.

Juniper berry essential oil has been used in Europe as a restorative tonic. It has a fruity and piny aroma and it is known to improve circulation and help overcome physical and psychological stagnation.

To make your body stimulating oil, add 2-3 drops of juniper berry essential oil to 30 ml of carrier oil such as jojoba and massage your chest or your whole body after a shower to achieve the desired effects.

Rose oil has been known for its healing and soothing power. Its wonderful floral scent is comforting and comforting in happy or difficult and sad times. Rose is precious, so a little goes a long way. You can just smell it from the bottle or put a drop on handkerchief and inhale.

Sandalwood, with its woody and balsamic aroma can awaken your senses. Mix 2 drops in 30 ml jojoba oil for relaxing massage oil.

Helichrysum is one of the all-round powerful healers. The herbaceous aroma is balancing for mental unrest and healing for old emotional scars. It can break through the negative emotions and restore compassion. Mix 2 drops in 30 ml calendula infused oil and massage your sore muscles or wherever you need the loving care.

Chamomile can foster feelings of acceptance. It heals the heart and pacifies anger. Furthermore, it’s ideal for skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Make your face serum by adding 3 drops of chamomile to 60 ml rose hip or evening primrose oil into a dropper bottle.

Enjoy all our essential oils!

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  1. Sonia

    Hello, I just stumbled across your website and notice that there is a great deal of information on various essential oils.

    I hope you can help me though, as I don’t know who to turn to.

    Are you able to recommend an essential oil or oils that can help with incontinence. I would sincerely appreciate your advice.


    1. Marco van Hattem

      Good morning Sonia,
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      The problem you are asking about needs medical attention first.
      As for aromatherapy, there are some essential oils such as Cypress that are known for their toning and fluid flow regulating properties. Citrus oils will be another option, such as grapefruit oil.
      Massage will be the best way for application. For massage, essential oil should be diluted in a carrier oil.
      It may assist.

      Kind regards,


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