Creating a welcoming atmosphere

Celebrating with family and friends leaves cherished memories that last a lifetime. Creating a warm  inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your home using essential oils is a nice touch to your house warming that I’m sure your guests will really appreciate. Below are some suggestions on which essential oils you may like to use so your house warming is an aromatic one.

Before your guests arrive, try burning some sweet orange, cinnamon, vanilla and pine essential oils to greet them warmly and make them feel at home.

Burning oils like rosemary, neroli, sandalwood, cedarwood, ylang ylang, jasmine and frankincense can spike up conversations and uplift everyone.

Frankincense can also help in spiritual house-cleansing to clear previous energies surrounding the home or a particular room and invite peace and clarity of the mind. You can diffuse it in the room or leave it in a bowl in a corner.

A blend of some of these oils including geranium essential oil, frankincense, rose, bergamot, clary sage, lavender, neroli and petitgrain can create a refreshing and balanced mood, relieving you and your guests from stress.To keep the environment clean and healthy while enjoying the moment, use lemon, cedarwood and juniper berry.

These will help prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria or airborne diseases that might be brought in by the crowd.

These may be helpful too in clearing any musty smells left by the previous owners of your house.

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