Our basil essential oil uses below:

Basilicos from the Greek means ‘royal’.

Basil essential oil is a generally refreshing oil.

By the 16th century it was widely used for headaches, migraines and head-colds. Like Rosemary essential oil of Basil has a clarifying effect on the brain, so it is good for mental fatigue. So, it may improve stamina. It also offers relief from headaches and migraine.

Major uses include treating all kinds of respiratory infections, including bronchitis and whooping cough, and many feverish conditions. It is also antispasmodic, and massage over the stomach with Basil will ease digestive discomfort as nausea and stomach cramps. It can be used, again in gentle massage over the abdomen, to assist scanty and painful periods.

As a massage oil, Basil blends well with Lavender and is very good for tired, tight, overworked muscles. It is especially good for athletes, dancers and others engaged in strenuous physical activities.

Basil oil is used as a mouthwash and is very effective for mouth ulcers and gum infections.

Basil essential oil may warm the joints and ease stiffness and swelling. Therefore it may reduce joint inflammation and increase mobility.

Basil is a generally tonic and stimulating oil, but if used to excess has the opposite effect.

One of the other basil essential oil uses is that it is also refreshing to the skin. Its antiseptic qualities are useful for general skin irritations, acne, cuts and insect bites. Used in dilution it is good for the skin, and improves the tone and appearance.

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