Anxiety Bath Blend and Benefits – Anxiety recipe essential oils

Taking a bath can be relieving when you feel anxious. The salts dissolve seamlessly in a hot water bath which allows for an aroma of the essential oils to fill the room. The crystals soften the skin, relax muscles and soothe tension. Find some anxiety recipe essential oils specials.

Benefits of Dead Sea Salt with vegetable oils and an anxiety recipe, essential oils are key as well.

Salts are naturally exfoliating as well as hydrating the skin. They improve circulation within skin and remove toxins. The composition of Dead Sea salt is completely unique as are the benefits. This salt is composed of the similar minerals in the similar proportions as those found in our blood, meaning a better absorption through the skin. Dead Sea salt also revitalises the skin cells and replenishes the needed minerals. It also decreases the pain associated with inflammation, tension, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis.

Salt can be easily combined with carrier oil. For a good ratio, mix two parts of salt to every one part of oil. Choose from the list of carrier oils the best option for you.

Sweet almond oil is good for all skin types. It helps to relieve inflammation, itching and irritation, and improve complexion.

Avocado oil is excellent for people with dry or mature skins. It also helps for treating dehydrated or sun damaged skin as well as eczema or psoriasis.

Evening Primrose oil is a good moisturiser. It helps with eczema and psoriasis; pre-menstrual syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Grapeseed oil is a light moisturiser for problem skins such as acne.

Jojoba oil is good for all skin types and it helps to unclog pores and reduce inflammation.

Wheatgerm oil is high in vitamin E. It helps the growth of new skin cells, repairs sun damage and improves circulation. It is known to relieve symptoms of dermatitis.

Combining the dead sea salt with the carrier of your choice you will benefit from the rejuvenating effect of the salt and the soothing of oil.

If you add just a drop of vetiver, chamomile (Roman) and sandalwood essential oils to the mix you may experience the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils on your mind, relax and feel relieved from anxiety.  In this anxiety recipe, essential oils are really beneficial and you only need a little of them as they are so potent.

Hope you like the above anxiety recipe, essential oils from us are always the best!

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