Aromatherapy and influenza viruses

These days when everyone is concerned with the coronavirus, we would like to explain how essential oils can potentially minimise the risk of getting it.

What are the signs?

  • Respiratory symptoms: fever, cough, runny nose. i.e flu like symptoms
  • Breathing difficulties , try holding your breath for 10 seconds and see if that is easy and you don’t cough, if this is hard something is wrong see a doctor
  • You develop a rash.
  • Neck pain

There are simple and practical measures to help prevent the risk of infection.

  • Washing hands frequently. Add a few drops of tea tree or kanuka essential oils to your natural liquid soap.
  • Use natural hands sanitiser containing aloe vera and essential oils. (Alcohol will dry your skin)
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  • Clean frequently touched and used surfaces with natural sprays with essential oils.

What essential oils can do.

Those of you who use essential oils at home know that essential oils show potent anti-microbial and anti-viral activity.

Essential oils such as bergamot, eucalyptus, geranium, cinnamon, lemongrass, ravintsara, tea tree, kanuka and thyme are considered very active against the influenza virus.

Note: only pure essential oil works.

Essential oils help to decrease the spread of the virus by inhibiting the viral activity.

Eucalyptus and bergamot display a significant activity after diffusion for 10 minutes.

Tea tree oil was found very effective as an anti-viral for airborne influenza virus.


Apart from following the very vital sanitary advice you may also diffuse essential oils in your work and living space.

This could help reduce the risk of infection and boost your immune system.

If you have the essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree and cinnamon bark at home, add 10 drops of the oils (5/4/1) to the water in your diffuser and diffuse.

We suggest using Thieves synergistic blend which provides a strong antiseptic protection against viruses.

Thieves synergistic blend

Our thieves synergistic blend of essential oils with anti-viral and anti-septic activities is effective in diffusers.

If you diffuse 5-10 drops of thieves in your living and working space, you may help spreading the virus.

Thieves essential oil blend contains clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary essential oils.

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