The beautiful benefits Clary sage essential oil

The botanical name of clary sage is salvia sclarea.

Mediaevel authors called the herb Clear Eye and attributed to it the property of healing all kinds of eye disorders.

The plant is native to Italy, Syria and southern France, but will grow wherever the soil is dry enough. The essential oil is distilled from the flowers and flowering tips, and contains linalyl acetate, sclareol, linalool, salvene and salvone. It should be mentioned, that exact composition varies according to the area where the plants were grown.

The smell and benefits of clary sage essential oil

Essential oil of clary sage has a nutty aroma. The effects of Clary sage have been described as ‘euphoric’ though most people will simply become very relaxed, possible drowsy. So the advice will be not to use the oil before driving. The best way will be to use the clary sage oil in baths at home.

It is obvious that clary sage oil is likely to be helpful in all kinds of stress and tense situations.

It may relax muscles where muscular tension arises from mental or emotional stress.

Clary sage oil is also valuable as it might relax spasms and tensions and it may be a tonic as well and help in convalescence, during depression and recovery from illness.

Gentle massage over the stomach and abdomen, or hot compress with clary sage oil may benefit digestive problems as one of the main benefits of clary sage essential oil is that it is comforting and warming.

As you have already understood it is especially valuable in the area of stress-related conditions and can be used with care and sensitivity as one of the powerful relaxants to help the ever growing number of us who suffer from anxiety.

Here a recipe which makes the most of the benefits of clary sage combined with lavender and neroli for a restful sleep

Mix the oils together with a table spoon of your favourite carrier oil (eg. organic Argan oil) and use in your bath and massage.

If you have some recipes on how to bring out the benefits of clary sage essential oil, please put them in the comment box below for others to experience, thank you!

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