What are base note essential oils?

Let’s look at essential oils that have deep base notes.

Base note essential oils help us feel grounded even when we are far too preoccupied with our lives. ‘Base note oils have the ability to help us relax on deep levels’.

Examples of base note essential oils are: frankincense, vetiver, myrrh, sandalwood, and patchouli. These oils originate from parts of the plants that are close to the earth.- from the wood or dry resin. Thus, they help us stay ‘grounded’!

Base note essential oils offer depth to our blends. They ‘love’ to be blended with citrus oils such as lemon or sweet orange. Furthermore they all tend to soothe irritation, calm emotions and are gentle on the skin!

The evolution of humans on a cellular level goes back to 120 thousand years ago.
The bio synthetic blueprint, manifested in the human body with mono terpenes, essential oils, geranyl pyrophosphates, and farnesyl pyrophosphates, existed long before there were humans.

It is an archaic chemical pathway that has, like the other biochemical pathways of life, existed since the dawn of life on planet earth.

Nature uses the same substances over and over.

They are part of the chemistry of living cells.

Essential oil compounds are among the molecules of life itself. They are produced by living organisms, remain present in the living organism and act in the interest of organism survival.

That much of history will help us understand how essential oils work on our bodies.

They manage to heal us on multiple levels at once.

Let’s just take one essential oil, frankincense. It is incredibly healing for the skin, eases inflammation, soothes irritation, such as itching or pain and provides respiratory support too.

Frankincense is soothing emotionally and mentally. It is relieving for headaches and muscle tension. It has been used for centuries for meditation, contemplation and purification.

Here a relaxing synergistic essential oil blend for your diffuser which has essential oils which soothe the nervous system:

Frankincense can stop you from overthinking, chamomile is soothing and relieves tension, while cedarwood gives the sense of protection.

Relaxation boosts our immunity system and therefore our health, it supports our well-being.

Vetiver essential oil is the most grounded oil as it is distilled from the rootlets of the grassy plant.

In Salvatore Battaglia’s book “The complete Guide To Aromatherapy“, the author talks about vetiver, about how it is planted on mountainous slopes, because “its abundant lacework of rootlets will prevent the loss of soil during the wet season”.

We can think that the oil “holds it all together”.

It can help us feel “deeply aligned with our core values.

That’s a powerful kind of peace that comes from being grounded this way. Maybe that’s why vetiver essential oil is known as the “Oil of Tranquillity!”

If you have some more stories about base note essential oils to let us know by putting them in the comment box below, thank you!

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