Citrus oil safety

There is a lot of information and warnings about phototoxicity of citrus essential oils. To still enjoy the benefits of uplifting citrus essential oils without phototoxic concern, stay within the proper safety guidelines.

The following citrus essential oils do not cause phototoxic reactions and can be used safely in products for the skin:

  • Mandarin (Green), citrus reticulate, essential oil
  • Steam-distilled Lime, citrus aurantifolia, essential oil
  • Orange (Sweet), citrus sinensis, essential oil

Robert Tisserand’s book “Essential Oil Safety” has very useful guidelines for using citrus oils and avoiding phototoxicity. The information below is directly from his book:

Safe use of citrus essential oils per 30ml of carrier oil:

  • Cold Pressed/expressed bergamot — 2 drops per 30 ml
  • Cold Pressed/expressed lemon — 12 drops per 30 ml
  • Cold Pressed/expressed lime —4 drops per30 ml
  • Cold Pressed/expressed grapefruit — 24 drops per 30 ml

Remember, all phototoxic oils can be used, as long as they’re applied to areas of the skin that will not be exposed to the sun!

If or when you have more good tips about citrus oil safety please them by putting them in the comment box below, thank you!

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