Essential oils for fever relief

Fever is associated with viral and bacterial infections.

It is essential to have an accurate diagnosis especially in the very young and elderly, pregnant women and those with immune disorders.

Go and see a medical professional when fever goes over 38° Centigrade (100.4° Fahrenheit)

The traditional approach is that fever plays a major role in the body’s defence against infection. Its effect up to a point is beneficial.

The higher temperature is believed to inhibit the growth of some bacteria and viruses. The heat also stimulates the activity of some white blood cells.

The safe and optimal range of the fever is between 38° and 39.4°C. If the fever is accompanied by sweating, it is the sign that the temperature is dissipating and can be left to run its course naturally.

It is known that a high temperature assists in the fight against micro-organisms, while sweating keeps the temperature under control and, also assists in elimination of toxic debris. It will be the best to support the body’s own active defences.

Useful oils for adults and children over 5 years old will be cinnamon bark, German chamomile, eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint and spearmint, where German chamomile, eucalyptus and spearmint may be used to control and resolve the warmth response.

For children under 5 you can use sweet orange, mandarin and lavender to relief fever

It is important to drink enough of water, juices and vegetable broths.

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