Variety of Frankincense essential oil uses

Frankincense oil was among the most prized and costly substances in the ancient world. It has, among its physical properties, the ability to slow down and deepen the breath, and to breathe more slowly and deeply soon produces feelings of calm, which are very conductive to meditation.

Frankincense is particularly active with regard to the lungs, and is one of the most valuable oils for use in respiratory infections.

frankincense tree resin

The many Frankincense essential oil uses is because it is one of the best pulmonary antiseptics, calms coughs. Use in inhalations, massages and baths. It may be very helpful for people with asthma. For this condition massage is the best form of treatment.

Frankincense essential oil uses In skin care,

Frankincense is particularly helpful for older skins, and has a definite tonic effect, helping to restore some tone to slack looking facial skin, and slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. It may even reduce the extent of wrinkles that have already formed.

One of the other Frankincense essential oil uses is dealing with emotions as it has a calming effect.

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