AromaSense Essential Oils NZ

New Zealand’s premium supplier of 100% pure essential oils and ready made essential oil blends hand crafted by our certified aromatherapist.

We hand-craft body oils, essential oil blends and skin care products in small batches to guarantee shelf life.

Our products are an alternative to conventional skincare products and may help many ailment.

We choose purity, natural simplicity, and beauty. We source and use therapeutic grade essential oils from small farmers around the world many of them organic some of them wild grown which means all our essential oils are pesticide free.

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Essential Oil Gift Set

This essential oil gift set consist of 3 amazing organic/wild grown essential oils produced in New Zealand. The Lavender, Kanuka and Manuka essential oil come in a beautiful wooden box at a special price for the time being.

Now Only $69

What is Aromatherapy?

a·ro·ma (ă-roh-mă) n. a smell, especially a pleasant one.   ther·a·py (ther-ă-pee) n. a treatment designed to relieve or cure an illness or disability.   med·i·cine (med-ĭ-sin) n. 1. the scientific study of the prevention and cure of diseases and disorders of the body. 2. a substance used to treat a disease or disorder of the body.  

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