Practical Jasmine essential oil uses

The properties of Jasmine absolute overlap in some respects with those of Rose absolute.

Some Jasmine essential oil uses include relief of menstrual pain and cramps (like Marjoram) and is very helpful in childbirth. If it is used as a massage oil on the abdomen and lower back in the early stages of labour, Jasmine will both relieve pain and strengthen contractions, and it helps with the expulsion of the placenta after delivery and aids post-natal recovery.

Being also an anti-depressant, Jasmine absolute is a good essential oil to help relieve post-natal depression.

Jasmine essential oil uses also include certain male disorders, such as enlargement of the prostate gland. Jasmine oil also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac since antiquity.

Sexual Jasmine essential oil uses

An important fact to remember is that Jasmine, like all essential oils, acts on the mental and emotional levels as well as physical. Since the majority of sexual problems arise from tension, anxiety, depression or fear, rather than from any physical cause, a relaxing antidepressant oil such as Jasmine can be a real aid in relieving them.

Jasmine is often said to be ‘warming’. It has a gentle and deeply penetrating effect which makes it an ideal massage oil. The oil is described as being ‘good for hard and contracted limbs’.

Parallel its physical effects, it is relaxing and emotionally ‘warming’. It is a powerful antidepressant of a stimulating nature. Jasmine is a good oil to choose for massage or baths for any person who lacks confidence, either in their own worth as a person, or their ability to overcome immediate problems.

Jasmine essential oil uses in skin care

Jasmine essential oil is a beautiful oil to use in skincare. It is particularly good for skin that is hot, dry and sensitive. It needs to be used in tiny amounts, as too much can have an opposite effect to what is needed.

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