Can aromatherapy oils be used on skin

Let us start with how important the skin is in aromatherapy. Skin is one of the two routes by which aromatherapy (essential) oils can get into the blood stream.

Essential oils have a small molecular structure, so they pass through the skin easily. Also, they dissolve easily in fatty substances such as the skin own protective layer of an oily wax, called sebum. These two facts make the oils’ absorption by the skin easier.

Below the skin, the particles of the aromatherapy oils pass through the fluid that bathes the cells and the walls of the lymph ducts and capillaries into the general circulation.

This is a safe way to get the aromatherapy oils into the body when needed. Essential  oils should be diluted in a base oil before application to contribute enormously to the health and appearance of the skin itself.

Aromatherapy oils are widely used in the treatment of skin problems.

The story of the essential oil of Helichrysum italicum is a perfect example of how essential oils can make a difference. Helichrysum is the appropriate oil for injuries. It will disinfect the wound and will not be painful. Helichrysum oil prevents swelling and inflammation. The formation of new tissue to close the wound is greatly accelerated. Note: Helichrysum italicum should be 100% genuine and authentic.

By black and blue discolouration of the skin and swelling (hematoma) Helichrysum italicum should be applied as soon as possible. By doing so the healing is sped up significantly.

Helichrysum and Rosemary verbenone can be used on scars and are very effective if used regularly over time, diluted in base oil (such as Rose hip).

Stretchmarks can be treated with Helichrysum in a base oil. To prevent stretchmarks essential oils of Neroli and Cypress diluted in a base oil can be massaged into the skin (during pregnancy).

Wounds and cuts can receive an emergency treatment with a drop of Lavender or Helichrysum or Tea tree oils undiluted.

With suddenly appearing rashes Chamomile oil will be excellent, when diluted in a base oil.

To preserve skin and reduce pain immediate application of Lavender angustifolia or German chamomile will be effective.

This gives us an effective and safe way of getting essential oils into the body when needed. In crisis, essential oil can be absorbed into the body by massage. A few precautions are needed, such as diluting essential oils in a carrier before massage as some essential oils can be irritating to the skin.

Can aromatherapy oils be used on skin? Absolutely, just remember that most of the aromatherapy oils should be diluted before application to the skin. Together with base oils they are very beneficial as to the body as to the skin.

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