Hair is an important part of the integumentary system. It has a primary function – protection. It guards the scalp from injury and the sun’s rays. Hair’s condition depends on the health of the scalp. The best scalp treatment involves massage with essential oils and a carrier oil.

Powerful essential oils for hair

Rosemary essential oil has been used for hair treatment for many hundreds of years. A few drops can be added to a final rinse after washing.

Chamomile has been used as a rinse for hair for centuries, but it can be slightly drying.

The essential oils of tea tree and lavender are good for dry dandruff.

Blend a few drops in a carrier oil such as argan and massage into the scalp.

The essential oils of bergamot and sandalwood would be useful for oily dandruff, as they help to balance the production of sebum. 1 or two drops can be added to a mild shampoo.

Essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, and lavender in a blend of argan and wheat germ oils will be good to massaged into the scalp and hair.

Healthy hair is smooth and glossy. This healthy look is achieved by the spread of the sebum along the hair without which the hair will flake and look dull and lifeless.

Essential oils are good for hair in terms of keeping the scalp healthy and balance the production of the sebum.

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