Yes, there are a number of essential oils with aphrodisiac properties, therefore they deserve some serious attention for they can be of great value in easing marital disharmony and helping people who suffer from impotence or frigidity. The root of such problems is nearly always mental or emotional. Aromatherapy has been found to be most effective when helping on the emotional plane.

First some history…

Smell has been always influential for our behaviour. Our ancestors went to any length to procure products of fragrance. They ransacked nature in search of beautiful and different aromas despite wars, revolutions, plagues, and pestilence.

Great strides in chemistry were made to extract and preserve these essences, and traders trudged across the deserts and ploughed uncharted seas to find them. Once procured, these aromatics became essential part of stimulated romance and rituals. In economic history aromatic essences or spices were responsible for the creation of Silk Route to China and the overland and sea routes to the East and its Spice Islands.

Napoleon was the prototype of the self-made man of the new era, the mark of which was fastidiousness in matters of hygiene and personal cleanliness, when nearly every product must be fragranced for consumer acceptance. Napoleon carried with him whole kilos of eau de cologne on all his campaigns.

Smell and sex

Pheromone is the term used to designate the scent signals that one insect sends to another. It is a word made in 1959 from two Greek words ‘pherein’, to bear along, and ‘hormon’, an excitement. Man shared such language as well. Hormones are secreted within organism, but pheromones are secreted into the environment at the right time and place to the related sex of one’s own species. Man has evolved so much that most of our responses to olfactory stimuli are learned, unlike the automatic passion induced by sexual emanations at regular periods of the year among insects.

In general, women have a slightly better sense of smell than men, going back at times when survival of the species depended on her selection of a healthy mate; smell is a good indicator of health.

Every individual has a unique odour to his or her skin. Most women describe the characteristic male smell as ‘musky’, and males describe the female smell as ‘sweet’.

The first records of the fragrance language reach back more than five thousand years. The bible shows the importance of erogenous fragrance multiple times. King Solomon, who exerted a strong attraction on women, talks of fragrances that make his bed and his desires irresistible: myrrh, aloe, and cinnamon. It seems that cinnamon oil, stimulating and beneficial to the whole metabolism, also acts as an aphrodisiac via a general enhancement of all body functions.

Aromatherapy oils can be both stimulating and calming.

Aphrodisiac oils fall into three categories: calming and soothing, and reducing anxieties and stresses in the relationships; stimulant and those which may have a hormonal effect.

The most notable oils in the first category are rose and neroli. Then come clary sage, patchouli and ylang ylang. These oils are very relaxing and soothing all those external stresses causing sexual difficulties.

Any of these oils or combination of them can be used in aromatic baths before bedtime, or in massage oils. If a loving partner can use the oils in a gentle massage, they will have the maximum effect. But essential oils should never be applied directly to the genitals, even if diluted.

The oils of jasmine and sandalwood are calming and relaxing and wonderfully sedative. They obviously have erotic ‘side-effect’, but not necessarily together. Black pepper and cardamom are warming and stimulating oils. They can be useful in case of fatigue but in very low concentrations and in combination with carrier oils.


Aromatherapy or essential oils for erectile dysfunction can be administered by means of direct inhalation, including diffusion, gentle massage or taking a bath. Essential oils should be blended with foundation or carrier oils for massage and bath.

We offer two body oils related to the subject: For my Napoleon and Love Struck.

If sexual problems persist over a long time, look for help in the form of counselling, psychotherapy as well as aromatherapy.

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