In these difficult times depression might be one of the most common human experiences. We tend to think about depression as a natural response to the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of life, feeling trapped or unproductive, or coping with a debilitating physical condition.

There is often social stigma attached to signs of mental illness or not coping with life. It may also be associated with a bad luck. It is very important to acknowledge depression as a very real illness that affects the entire mind and body. Depression can be a problem at any stage of life.

Depression affects the following basic activities:




Ability to cope with life

Sex drive.

Aromatherapy can help

Aromatherapy treatments have a wonderful energising, uplifting effect on the nervous system and help lift spirits. Essential oils can help balance, relax, and restore the nervous system.

Let us name the essential oils that may relieve depression.

   Basilagitation, fatigue, emotional instability
   Bergamotagitation, emotional instability
   Frankincenseagitation, emotional instability, irritability, sadness
   Roman chamomileagitation, emotional instability, headaches
   Geraniumagitation, emotional instability, irritability
   Lavenderagitation, emotional instability, headaches, insomnia, irritability
   Sweet marjoramagitation, emotional instability, insomnia?
   Neroliagitation, emotional instability, insomnia, sadness
   Peppermintfatigue, headaches
   Ylang ylangirritability
   Rose absolutesadness

It is important to pay attention to your preferences in regards to the oil or oils to be used. Usually the instinctive choice is the right one. The preferences may change from day to day.

The best way to use the essential oils for depression is to diffuse and inhale. Choose one or 3 essential oils from the list above and add 5-10 drops to the water in the diffuser. You may choose one floral, one citrus and one herbal or grounding resinous. Just go with your nose and play.

The easiest way is to put a drop of the essential oil of your choice on the tissue or clothes and inhale. Aromatherapy necklace can be very handy too.

Massage with essential oils is very relaxing for the mind and body. For that purpose, you will need a spoon of any carrier, such as sweet almond, grapeseed, or any other oil of your choice. Add 5-10 drops of 1 or 3 essential oils of your choice from the above-mentioned list. Mix and rub into your skin.

We at Aromasense are ready to help. We provide oils of therapeutic quality, pure carrier oils, synergistic blends, or body oils. Our aromatherapist will create your own blend according to your preferences. Just let us know.

Essential oils will be the most natural way to help you fight depression together with the other healthy practices.

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