Essential oils for minimising the risk of influenza viruses

The human body continuously maintains balance by fighting harmful intruders in the environment. These intruders are disease-causing organisms, also known as pathogens. The body defense occurs in two areas: non-specific resistance and immunity.

Immunity is described as the final line of defense against disease.
Essential oils can be used in treating infections according to their activities including

  •  anti-microbial working against microorganisms
  •  immune stimulant boosting the body’s own defenses
  •  eliminating accumulated waste material and toxins

Important! Essential oils respect the protective, existing in our bodies, bacterial flora.
Essential oils may contribute to the treatment of the viral infections. Aromatherapy suggests that if topical treatment is undertaken at the onset, the disease can be stopped on the first day. Another suggestion is about preventative measures during epidemics.

Tea tree is one of the oils with excellent anti-microbial properties.

Essential oils fight against pathogens as well as stimulate the immune system. The favourable oils to treat the influenza viruses will be bay laurel, cajeput, eucalyptus, and tea tree, oregano and thyme to stimulate the immune system.
It is suggested that many essential oils are immunostimulants, because they have bactericidal, antiseptic or anti-viral properties. There are essential oils that may strengthen the immune system:

Essential oils may be effective in dealing with infectious illnesses as they support the body’s ability to fight infection from micro-organisms, inhibit micro-organisms and prevent the spread of infection.

Besides, essential oils may support immune system in two ways, supporting body and mind.

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Prevention is a key that so use the help of essential oils for minimising the risk of influenza viruses.

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