Natural relief for migraines

When someone suffers migraine or headache, they are ready to try anything that may help. Sometimes the solution is very simple. A cold compress with a drop of Peppermint essential oil may do the job. This is what brings my mother relief. Her health condition does not allow her to use medicines and I introduced her to a compress with a drop of Peppermint essential oil.

One of my customers, when I met her, suffered Migraine almost daily. I had long conversations with her about what might have been a cause. Happily, she liked the aromas of the essential oils with natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. I gave her one of my existing blends and she carried the bottle in her pocket ever since.

Some sufferers are not able to tolerate the smell of essential oils or anybody touching their head. In this case it is advised to use aromatherapy oils and massage as a preventative method.

I am working with a customer who occasionally experiences Migraine after inhaling some smells. Other days she diffuses essential oils regularly and totally enjoys the experience.

As you can see everyone is different, has different causes and triggers. And, therefore, treatment should be individual. Aromatherapy might have a solution for everyone.

So, my answer to the question ‘Is there a way for natural relief of Migraine?’ is ‘Yes’

When we talk about Migraines and headaches, we need to trace the immediate cause, such as fatigue, pollution, eye strain, tension, deficiencies, lifestyle.

Migraines are very uncomfortable and painful. It is also important to find out what triggers the pain.

According to the cause a migraine is a vascular headache where ‘vascular’ means that the pain is related to the blood vessels.

Where does migraine originate?

Migraine is a headache that comes from outside the brain. The brain tissue does not have sensory nerves. Pain arises from its blood vessels.

Therefore, headache is tension which is connected to the neck, eyes, teeth, or other structures.

Here is what you can do.

If you enjoy essential oils, not troubled by their aromas, it might be helpful to apply a cold compress at the first onset of an attack. Make a compress with a drop of Lavender and or Peppermint essential oils and place it across your forehead. Change it as soon as it becomes warm. Massage your temples very gently with a drop of Lavender essential oil.

Migraine can be due to restricted blood supply to the brain. In this case a warm or hot compress with a drop of Sweet Marjoram essential oil on the back of the neck may increase the blood flow to the head. Sweet Marjoram essential oil is a vasodilator (it may expand the blood vessels). Also, a light self-massage of the head upwards is very relaxing.

Here some triggers that initiate migraines:

  • Injury to the head
  • The weather
  • Stress
  • Missing meals
  • Fluctuations in hormonal levels
  • Food allergies

As Migraine is often associated with stress, a regular massage to reduce muscular tension in the shoulders and neck will be a helpful preventative method.

One should not forget that in some cases Migraine is linked with food allergies. Other triggers that may cause an attack are artificial lighting, chemicals, pollution.

Whatever reason, aromatherapy oils may offer natural relief and relaxation. Here are the oils that might be of help as a natural relief for migraine:

Aromatherapy is effective in reducing pain, increasing blood circulation and most importantly relaxation. You only need to find which oil may help you. So aromatherapy is a very effective natural relief for migraines.

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