Natural relief hay fever

Allergic rhinitis – a medical name for hay fever – is an inflammatory auto-immune disease.

Hay fever symptoms: watery eyes, congested or runny nose, fever.

Hay fever, one of the civilisation diseases, is the consequence of ‘society-wide antibiotics overuse, environmental degradation, industrial pollution, and the toxic ideas that spew out of our many channels of media and entertainment have all taken toll on the integrity of our immune systems.’ Kurt Schnaubelt

Is there any natural relief option for hay fever?

Yes, there are.

Aromatherapy offers a natural hay fever relief. Certain essential oils contain components that reduce allergic symptoms. Chamomile essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic properties. Peppermint essential oil is another remedy for symptomatic relief.

Although certain oils may provide a symptomatic relief from allergic symptoms the best way of help will be to prevent the symptoms with the use of therapeutic essential oils.

About hay fever

As we have already said, it is a form of allergy. It affects nose, eyes, and throat. It is an allergic response to the pollen of a wide range and the spores of some fungi.

Which essential oils may help with the symptoms?

Various oils may help, and it is very individual. The oils that relieve common cold, such as Eucalyptus, may help to reduce the sneezing and runny nose. But the oils that may help for allergies in general, such as Chamomile, are probably the best option.

How to use these essential oils for hay fever relief?

Inhalation may be the best way of application. You can simply sniff the oil from a small bottle, put a drop on a handkerchief or tissue to use during the day. Massage with any of the oils can also be very helpful as it will help the oils to get into the blood and decrease the allergic reaction. For sore eyes cool compresses of rosewater or chamomile infusion are very soothing.

So, what oils may help for hay fever relief?

They are essential oils with expectorant, anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-microbial and immune-stimulant, and tonic properties.

Essential oils of

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Ravintsara

Can be used for inhalation to reduce sneezing and a runny nose.

German chamomile is beneficial due to its anti-allergenic quality.

Here is the full list of the oils which can be useful for prevention of the symptoms of hay fever.

Don’t wait for the symptoms. Use the essential oils to prevent them.

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