Petitgrain Essential Oil

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Citrus aurantium var amara. Petitgrain essential oil  is uplifting and relaxing and can help with blemishes, pimples and acne. Petitgrain can also bring some relief for asthma, anxiety, stress, insomnia, diarrhoea and headaches.

Petitgrain Essential Oil

Citrus aurantium var amara

Petitgrain essential oil is native of Paraguay and cultivated around the Mediterranean.

It is extracted from Citrus aurantium var. amara.

At one time, this essential oil was extracted from the small, unripened green fruits of the bitter orange tree, which is where it’s name has its origins.

Petitgrain oil is now distilled from the leaves and small twigs of the bitter orange tree.

What does petitgrain essential oil smell like?

Fresh, citrus and florally with a slightly woody smell.

Which part of the plant provides the oil?

The leaves and twigs.

Where has petitgrain oil been sourced from?

This particular petitgrain oil orginates from Paraguay.

How is petitgrain oil extracted?

Petitgrain oil is extracted by steam distillation.

This involves using steam from boiling water to extract the essential oil from the plant.

The heat from the steam causes the plant’s cell walls to open allowing the essential oil to be released.

What other oils blend well with petitgrain essential oil?

Petitgrain oil blends well with bergamot, geranium, lavender, neroli, palmarosa, rosemary rosewood, sandalwood, sweet orange and ylang ylang.

How can I benefit from petitgrain essential oil?

Feeling down in the dumps?

Petitgrain essential oil has antidepressant properties, is an antispasmodic, a deodorant as well as a refresher of the mind, assisting with mental clarity.

It is considered uplifting and refreshing, and it has a sedative effect on the nervous system.

It can also help ease breathing and relaxes muscle spasms.

Petitgrain oil helps to calm anger and panic, and is a very useful treatment for a rapid heart beat and insomnia.

It is said to be similar to neroli oil, but is a much lighter oil and more affordable.

Are there precautions I should know about?

Petitgrain essential oil is safe for general use although caution should be exercised if pregnant.

100% Therapeutic Petitgrain essential oil.

Pinene alpha 2.325
Pinene beta 2.23%
Cymene para 8.26%
Limonene 11.82%
Terpinene gamma 21.32%
Anthranilate methyl 46.48%
Linalyl acetate 1.26%

Citrus aurantium var amara

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