What essential oils are safe for pets

Pet owners know that their pets are familiar with plants for healing.

Through evolution animals have developed a relationship with medicinal plants. It is in their interest to use plant’s resources to support their immune system to maintain health and speed up the healing mechanisms.

Vast majority of terpenes and terpenoids, the primary constituents of essential oils are wide-spread, and animals have been exposed to those throughout their evolutionary history.

They identify and avoid constituents that are not needed.
So, animals can recognise the constituents in essential oils, such as terpenes, found in hundreds of different plant species.

The powerful plant compounds found within many plants show a bioactivity that can be healing and toxic in nature. Whether the substances are being toxic or healing has to do with dosage and caution.
Here are the top essential oils, safe for pets:

    • Eucalyptus helps in respiratory conditions
    • Lavender is helpful in treating cuts. Breathing in lavender can help calm down an overactive pet
    • Lemon oil will be helpful as a bug repellent
    • Rosemary will assist in treating joint pain as well as repulsing bugs and lice
    • Peppermint will assist in getting a pet more fit and agile
    • Ravintsara will relieve the cold symptoms

Caution should be exercised at all times.

The safest way to use essential oils is to blend them with distilled or spring water. After blending essential oils with water in a spray bottle, be sure to shake the bottle before every application.

The spray may be used on the pet or its bed. Be sure to avoid its eyes and nose. To be on the safer side, spray the blend on a piece of fabric (a sock over hand) and rub the pet with it.

Another safe way to use the essential oils is to diffuse them.

Inhalation is especially beneficial for nervousness.

It might be less upsetting for the pet. If it likes the aroma, it will relax. If not, it should be able to leave the space.

The safest way to use aromatherapy on pets is to apply hydrosols. They are mild but effective enough for pets just like for small children.

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