Stress is the most talked about problem in Western society these days. It became the cause of many health problems and it is very difficult to treat. Stress is a negative feeling that makes us incapable to deal with the demands of everyday life. It always occurs when we are placed outside our comfort zone. A certain amount of stress is healthy, it is necessary for personal growth and to develop successful coping abilities.

The body’s reaction to stress is controlled by the autonomous nervous system (ANS), over which we do not have a direct control. The ANS has two branches:

The sympathetic nervous system to regulate the ‘fight and flight’ response and parasympathetic nervous system, which induces relaxation and helps the body compensate for periods of high activity with the help of lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

The second state is regenerative, it helps the body to recuperate. It is very important to be able to elicit the positive parasympathetic state.

There are physical stress, psychological stress and environmental stress.

The reactions to these can be warning signs of palpitations, insomnia, fatigue and depression.

There are three stages of stress:

  1. Encounter with the challenge of the stress
  2. Adaptation to stress to the expenditure of the body’s energy
  3. Exhaustion, when many of the body’s main functions become impaired.

Aromatherapy or essential oil application is found successful in dealing with stress due to multidimensional holistic approach.

Successful stress management involves many activities including calming the mind, adopting healthy lifestyle, regular exercising, healthy diet, supporting the adrenal glands with herbs, using essential oils for relaxation.

Essential oils for stress management

The success of using essential oils to manage stress is due to the benefits of the essential oils, inhalation and tactile practice, massage.

The fact that aromatherapy is a sensory experience is inherent in its de-stressing action.

Using essential oils for stress successfully involves cognitive, sensory, physiological and emotional aspects. The destressing happens through inhalation and dermal absorption. Essential oils produce pharmacological effect and trigger response via the olfactory-limbic-endocrine system.

There are many essential oils to help cope with stress:

Essential oils, inducing relaxation and overcoming insomnia

Essential oils relieving tiredness, aches and pains

Essential oils to help overcome depression, apathy, and feelings of helplessness

Essential oils of therapeutic grade are able to relieve stress. All above essential oils for stress are available here.

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