Essential Oils Uses

Below is a list of essential oils and their uses. You can buy all the oils in the list in our essential oils department.


For more essential oils uses click the individual essential oil and you will find more essential oils uses particular for that oil.


Essential OilEssential Oils Uses
Basil Essential OilMental fatigue, migraines, antidepressant
Bay Laurel Essential OilRelaxing, colds, tonsillitis
Benzoin Essential OilAcne, arthritis, scar tissue, circulation
Bergamot Essential OilRefreshing, uplifting, digestive aid
Black Pepper Essential OilEnergising & warming, stimulating & strengthening; aphrodisiac
Cajeput Essential OilMuscular aches, respiratory infections
Cardamom Essential OilDigestive aid, easing nausea, heartburn and flatulence
Carrot Seed Essential OilAgeing skin, eczema, dermatitis, anti septic
Cedarwood Essential OilRelaxing, promotes harmony, good for skin& hair care for men
Chamomile Essential OilRelaxing & soothing, anti-inflammatory, aids healthy skin & hormone balance
Cinnamon Essential OilCleansing, healthy digestion, muscular warming
Citronella Essential OilDeodorant, insect repellent, uplifting
Clary Sage Essential OilEnhancing; supports balance, great skin tonic
Clove Essential OilEncouraging, analgesic (for toothache & gums), antimicrobial
Coriander Essential OilStimulates and aids digestion, rheumatic pains
Cypress Essential OilWarm & energising, healthy circulation of skin & body
Eucalyptus Essential OilMuscular pain; antiviral, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory
Fennel Essential OilCirculation & fluid expulsion in body tissue works for natural detox
Frankincense Essential OilCalming & uplifting, stress relief, tones mature skin
Geranium Essential OilNervous system, regulates hormonal imbalance; aids healthy skin
Ginger Essential OilNatural energy, digestion, morning sickness in pregnancy
Grapefruit Essential OilDetoxifying, effective against cellulitis, uplifting
Helichrysum Essential OilRelieving headaches, bronchitis, migraines, asthma
Jasmine Essential OilAntidepressant; complements intimacy, sensual perfume
Juniper Berry Essential OilSupports cleansing, detox & joints mobility, may assists digestion
Lavender Essential OilMulti-purpose oil for pain, headaches & stress, gentle for direct skin application
Lemon Essential OilUplifting, clear thinking; aids healthy circulation; anti-germ property
Lemongrass Essential OilUplifting & restorative, cleansing & deodorising; insect repellent
Lime Essential OilUplifting, stimulating, detoxifying, oily skin
Mandarin Essential OilUplifting; supports skin balance & rejuvenation, safe during pregnancy
Manuka Essential OilAnti septic, scratches, scrapes, boils
Marjoram Essential OilWarming & calming, when blended with lavender, comforting
May Chang Essential OilAnti-inflammatory, calming, antimicrobial effects
Neroli Essential OilRestorative to body, mind & skin, aids sensitive skin
Nutmeg Essential OilStimulate heart & circulation,
Oregano Essential OilTyphoid, urinary tract and colon infections
Palmarosa Essential OilGently stimulating, balancing, uplifting, good for skincare
Patchouli Essential OilRegenerates skin cells, tones the skin, antidepressant, aphrodisiac
Peppermint Essential OilRefreshing & stimulating; clears congestion & headaches, freshens breath
Petitgrain Essential OilRefreshing, calming, antidepressant
Pine Essential OilCleansing & clearing, natural respiration
Ravensara Essential OilNerve tonic, antiviral, energizer, anticatarrhal, antibacterial
Rose Essential OilAsthma, coughs, congestion, fever, reduce inflammation
Rose Geranium Essential OilDysentery, inflammation, detoxifying
Rosemary Essential OilUplifting, anti-fatigue, aids digestion, promotes circulation
Rosewood Essential OilBalancing skin, antidepressant
Sandalwood Essential OilCalming, reduces tension; soothing skin
Spearmint Essential OilUplifting & refreshing, travel sickness
Spikenard Essential OilAntibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antifungal
Sweet Orange Essential OilWarm & positive balance, cleansing & toning properties
Tea Tree Essential OilAntiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic
Thyme Essential OilRespiratory infections, circulation
Vetiver Essential OilNervousness, insomnia, muscle & joint pain
Ylang Ylang Essential OilAphrodisiac; antidepressant, restorative